There’s always something beautiful in nature waiting to be harnessed and bring out the natural beauty from within ourselves.

Alisha Lawson

Product Development Expert

Alish Lawson
Product Seed


Hi! My name is Alisha Lawson and I am a Product Development Expert. I specialize in creating natural beauty products for hair, face, and body. It brings me so much joy knowing that the products I create with companies I work with are aimed towards promoting healthier lifestyles. My guiding principle is to always provide people with high-quality products that work without compromising their safety.


  • Cruelty-Free ProductsCruelty-Free Products
  • Natural & Organic IngredientsNatural & Organic Ingredients
  • Chemical-Free MovementChemical-Free Movement


Product Development

Product Development

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Company Branding

Company Branding

Business Consultancy

Business Consultancy


Shiny Leaf ShinyLeaf

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